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Barndo Honey Co. is a family-oriented business that provides quality products and strives to promote the welfare of the threatened honey bee.

We utilize responsible beekeeping practices and are registered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service.

And yes, we live in a barn.


products and services

Raw Honey

pure, raw, and treatment-free honey From the texas hill country

Raw honey contains vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that help the body’s digestive system. Its antioxidants, antibacterial, and antifungal properties are valued for their health benefits. The pollen in raw honey is thought to help with allergies.  As a natural sweetener, it is an excellent alternative to processed sugar.


Our beekeeping and honey handling techniques are oriented around keeping our honey pure and delicious.

Bee Hive Leasing

you get pollination and honey,

we do the maintenance.

Interested in keeping bees on your own property?

Our beehive leasing program may be for you.  We currently lease bees in Bandera, Medina, and Kerr Counties northwest of San Antonio, TX.  Many clients pursue this for agricultural tax valuation purposes.  Others simply appreciate the opportunity to help bees, pollinate gardens, learn about beekeeping, and enjoy raw honey harvested from their own backyards.


Want to help bees, but don't have the land?

We also offer an adopt-a-hive program.


beekeeping philosophy

We utilize natural beekeeping techniques and produce true, raw honey.


We do not utilize any of the miticides, acids, and other harsh chemicals that are so prevalent in the industry.  We feel the application of these chemicals are toxic to our bees and are contaminants to honey.


The only processing we apply to our honey is coarse filtering to remove debris such as beeswax and bee parts.


We believe the lack of chemical residues in our honey is the reason why many people tell us we have the best honey they have ever tasted.  Unfortunately, what most people think of as honey is really heavily adulterated syrup....It is completely different than true, raw honey.


We are 'treatment free' beekeepers, but we are not 'hands off' beekeepers. We manage our hives with respect for the bees.  We control varroa mites primarily through hygienic stock, smaller hive size, and managed breaks in the brood cycle.  We allow the bees to use natural comb.  Due to the lack of quality year-round forage in our area, we have also created an enhanced pollinator habitat in our primary bee yard to ensure our bees are able to thrive.  We only harvest what honey we can responsibly take from each hive.


We believe beekeeping is both an art and a science.  We are constantly striving to improve our skills in the challenging environment of the Texas Hill Country.

why choose uS?


We manage our hives considering the bees' welfare first and foremost.  We do not truck our hives from place to place to mass-pollinate crops, kill and replace older queens to stimulate honey production, harvest honey that the hive needs to sustain itself, or engage in other practices commonly found in commercial beekeeping that can be damaging to honeybee sustainibility.



We never use harsh chemical mite treatments, mix our honey with any foreign substances, or heat it during processing.  We take care to maintain the integrity of our honey when processing in order to preserve the beneficial pollen and antioxidants.  The honey you get from us is pure, raw, and delicious.  Come taste the difference!


We maintain constructive communication with our hive leasing clients and check the hives as often as necessary for proper maintenance (frequency depends on the season).


We strive to keep our pricing reasonable and fair.  We love what we do, and we feel that everyone should be able to enjoy raw honey!

Honey and Beeswax

from the Texas Hill Country

market schedule

The Farmers Market at the Cibolo

33 Herff Rd, Boerne TX 78006

June 6, 2020 : 9am-1pm
June 20, 2020 : 9am - 1pm

A Note About Local Honey


Most people do not realize this, but bees in our area do not produce surplus honey all year long.  Local honey is a seasonal product! The Texas Hill Country experiences a nectar flow in the spring and, in good years, again in the fall.


It is legal for anyone with a food manufacturer's license in the State of Texas to buy honey elsewhere, slap a label on it, and resell it as 'their own'.  They do not have to disclose the origin of the honey they are selling.  This is a very common occurrence and it creates an unfortunate situation for those who are looking for honey that is raw, unadulterated, and local.  We know of no beekeepers in this area who run enough hives to have their own honey available for sale year-round.


We ONLY sell honey from our own bees, which are located in Bandera, Medina, and Kerr Counties. Therefore, our honey availability is limited by local conditions and we do sell out of honey every year.

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